Beast Academy level 1 is here!

If you've wondered what to use before Beast Academy for math, the answer is: Beast Academy!

Beast Academy guides arranged in a tightly packed grid, with Beast Academy 1A on top.

I've shared before how thrilled I am with our math curriculum, Beast Academy. For years, the starting level has been level 2, which is designed with 8- and 9-year-olds in mind (around 3rd grade, or an advanced 2nd grader). That has left a hole for folks with younger kids who plan to use Beast Academy in the future, but need a solid math program before then.

The folks at Art of Problem Solving, the company behind Beast Academy, have now finally started to roll out a level of Beast Academy for earlier ages, Beast Academy Level 1. This level is meant for 6- through 8-year-olds, and provides a very gentle start to the program. Level 1 features the same loveable characters from the later levels (drawn as a stinkin' adorable younger age). This new level does not have separate guide and practice books, instead weaving practice activities right into the guide. Right now only one book, 1A, is available. The other Beast Academy levels each have four books, A, B, C, and D, so I think we can expect to see more Level 1 books arrive in the coming months.

For even younger kids (and curious, creative kids of any age), Beast Academy recently rolled out a new Beast Academy Playground feature on their website. The Playground is loaded with instructions for playful, free activities, including games and crafts, that you can do with your child to get them excited about numbers. Wanda and I had a great time recently creating Flexagons using instructions on the site.

And there's more learning resources on the way! Beast Academy is branching out from math, and is currently working on a science curriculum, Beast Academy Science. [July 2023 update: Beast Academy Science is here, and I have it! Read my first impressions.] My understanding is that it is similar in structure to their math curriculum. No idea when that is coming, but I've heard it's being tested with some kids right now. (There was an online event a couple months ago where AoPS's science curriculum developer Amanda Turk answered questions and gave a sneak peek; sadly I didn't know about that event until after it happened.) I love-love-LOVE our current science curriculum, Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. It's mind-blowing how effective BFSU has been for Wanda, so I'm not at all in the market for a new science curriculum... but if anyone could get me to turn my head, it's the folks at Beast Academy. More great science on top of my great science? Yes, please.

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