Book Day Supreme

A very special Book Day: a field trip to Alibi Bookshop in Vallejo!

An assortment of new books

We love a Book Day, and today was a special one: for the first time since before the pamplemousse, we got to go to Alibi Bookshop IN PERSON! It’s been wonderfully easy to order from them online, but there’s no replacing the in-person experience. So I put on my fancy pants (the only pair I have without holes in the knees, I’ve been saving them for today), and we headed across the bay to Vallejo. We surprised our friends Karen and Jon (Jon was there!), and our dear friend Rachael came, too! We brought root beer cupcakes, and we left with about as many books as we could carry. Look at this haul! So much good stuff. We capped off our visit with an outdoor coffee with Rachael. It wasn’t just like old times, I don’t want that. It was like new times, and that felt GOOD.

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