Class Dismissed

Poster for the film "Class Dismissed," with a school desk out in the middle of a grassy field.

I'll have been homeschooling Wanda for one year next week, and only just tonight got around to watching Class Dismissed, a documentary about homeschooling. If you're at all curious what homeschooling is like these days (some people's ideas of homeschooling are pretty outdated—if you're picturing isolated kids, heavy religion, or crunchy granola, you're out of step), this movie does a decent job of showing the lay of the land. It's streaming free on Amazon Prime.

Our experience has been quite different from that of the central family in the film, but our experience is otherwise well echoed all over this movie. That's the great thing about homeschooling, each family and kid finds their own path. (One happy difference is that we went into homeschooling with full support from Wanda's public school teacher and principal; the family in the film were discouraged by theirs.)

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