A mother and child bird nuzzled together on the ground.
Photo by Ray Hennessy / Unsplash

In these how-I-homeschool posts I’m going to steer clear of things that are really how-I-parent thoughts—too much preachin' to the choir. But this one’s such a biggie, and so critical to our homeschooling, that I’m including it even though it’s obvious.

Connection is ev-er-y-thing. It’s the “did you try restarting it?” of humans. It's the ointment I smear on any ailment. Even just adding five minutes of snuggle time before getting out of bed can help Wanda get started on the right foot. When things get bumpy with Wanda, more often than not the cure is going to be improving the connection. That means taking a moment for warmth, smiles, a spot of fun, proper kid-focused time.

Works far better as a preventative than a reaction, but when the wheels have fallen off the cart, you can bet rebuilding connection is going to be what gets things rolling again.

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