What I like best about homeschooling...

Front of a Trader Joe’s grocery store

... is going to Trader Joe's on a Tuesday morning.

There are so many things to love about homeschooling, but never having to deal with a crowded Trader Joe's is pretty darned high on the list.

But it's not a perk I've been able to enjoy since the pandemic started. Rich and I are vaccinated, but Wanda can't be yet since she's only 8, so we're continuing to play it safe. We play it as safe as we possibly can, so that the bit of risk we take is centered on getting Wanda play time with other kids (and so we can keep those kids safe, too). The only building I go in is the library.

Vaccinations for the over-5 crowd are getting close enough for me to dare to start daydreaming about what comes next. I'm really keen to meet all of the new homeschoolers in San Francisco (I've already met a few! Reach out to say hi!). I miss taking Wanda on the cable cars—another no-crowds homeschool benefit. I want to hit the road with Wanda and learn while traveling, seeing friends, seeing the country. I want to go to Washington, D.C.!

Wanda wants to take the BART train to Daly City. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I dream, but the last few years have made dreaming feel like playing a game of chicken with the universe. So for now maybe I'll stick to dreaming of having Trader Joe's Coconut Chicken Curry back in the meal rotation.

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