Irresponsible Day 2021!

Irresponsible Day 2021!

Following in the tradition Wanda started last year, today was IRRESPONSIBLE DAY!

Cookies for breakfast! IRRESPONSIBLE!
Intentionally misspelling “butthole” to circumvent this stupid app’s swear word filter: TWO KINDS OF IRRESPONSIBLE! And also STICKING IT TO THE MAN!! Smell our buthole, stupid app!
Balancing on the tippy-top of the cat condo, EVEN THOUGH there was a dramatic toppling-over incident just days ago. IRRESPONSIBLE!
Playing Pin the Tail on the Dad, without telling Dad. IRRESPONSIBLE!
Dad needs a haircut, and Wanda has scissors… time for SALON IRRESPONSIBLE!
… but don’t let that fool you, she loved every last second! THE IRRESPONSIBLE POWER!
Breath mints instead of brushing teeth IRRESPONSIBLE IRRESPONSIBLE IRRESPONSIBLE
Assembling cheap furniture DIRECTLY on the hardwood floors! I’m completely ignoring the instruction to put protective cardboard underneath! IRRESPONSIBLE!
She’s playing a computer game WITHOUT RUNNING A POMODORO TIMER! She runs the risk of losing all sense of time! How will she know when to stop? NO IDEA! IRRESPONSIBLE!
Mochi for lunch IRRESPONSIBLE!
The official drink of Irresponsible Day, OH YEAH! It’s KOOL-AID! Wanda had it for the first time a couple days ago, we made some for a science activity about climate change, but uh-oh I’m starting to sound responsible and I don’t know if you’ve heard but today is IRRESPONSIBLE DAY! IRRESPONSIBLE!

Not pictured: Wanda was IRRESPONSIBLE and played with her Kool-Aid-stained pink spit. She thinks it was too gross to share, because it would make you throw up. Her ears were deaf to my pleas that making people throw up would be IRRESPONSIBLE.

This was a FULL jar of pickles just a couple hours ago. IRRESPONSIBLE!
Wearing pajamas to get drive-thru McDonalds! IRRESPONSIBLE! So many options for The Most Irresponsible McDonalds Meal. I settled on the Filet-O-Fish, ‘cause fast food fish is sus, and I just don’t have a McGriddle-shaped hole in my stomach.
I made this margarita with MARGARITA MIX! IRRESPONSIBLE!
[(small, breathy, marilyn monroe voice) i don’t cover my own poop] IRRESPONSIBLE! I cover it for her 🤷🏻‍♀
The grand finale: sliding down the stairs to the basement jungle on an exercise mat. IRRESPONSIBLE!

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