Irresponsible Day 2022!

For the third year, we take a day to be completely IRRESPONSIBLE!

Irresponsible Day 2022!

It's that time again: IRRESPONSIBLE DAY! (Or rather it was that time again, last Thursday the 8th. It took me a while to get these together for a post. IRRESPONSIBLE!) It's a holiday Wanda came up with a couple years back, where all day long we revel in all things IRRESPONSIBLE. You can relive the last two years of this ridiculous holiday here:

Irresponsible Day!
Last night Wanda thought of a new holiday, and we celebrated it today.IRRESPONSIBLE DAY! Enjoy it as it unfolded, starting with its creationyesterday: (Not pictured: we didn’t get dressed today, we learned NOTHING [that’s a lie ofcourse, we accidentally learned some stuff, whoops], and we
Irresponsible Day 2021!
Following in the tradition Wanda started last year[], today was IRRESPONSIBLEDAY! Cookies for breakfast! IRRESPONSIBLE!Intentionally misspelling “butthole” tocircumvent this stupid app’s swear word filter: TWO KINDS OF IRRESPONSIBLE! Andalso STI…

Cookies & cream ice cream for breakfast. IRRESPONSIBLE! We can’t even call that cherry fruit, it’s been embalmed.

Holding Irresponsible Day when the Queen is on her deathbed: IRRESPONSIBLE! Quercus Prep does not have an Operation London Bridge protocol.

Extra formaldehyded fruit for breakfast. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Non-stop Homestar Runner view-a-thon instead of schoolwork. IRRESPONSIBLE! And also PREDICTABLE!

The cat got caught in the crossfire of our snowball fight. She is pissed. She will not forget (for approx. 15 seconds). IRRESPONSIBLE!

Second breakfast: green tea ice cream. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Wait… the irresponsible view-a-thon is now educational PBS science videos?? *sigh*

Wanda’s wearing her dress inside out and backwards, because she DGAF. IRRESPONSIBLE! (This is not special for today, her daily feeling on the orientation of her clothing is IDGAF.)

On the left: beloved headphones with a partially chewed cord. On the right: the cat who will chew that cord given any opportunity, and thus is not to be left alone with the headphones. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Otter Pops and pickles for lunch. Sir Isaac Lime says, “IRRESPONSIBLE!”

… and here we are. IRRESPONSIBLE!

You want irresponsible? This origami book. Half of the pages are printed upside down, and missing the top inch. The ones that aren’t upside down still have indecipherable instructions. IRRESPONSIBLE! And not the fun kind!

Experiments with percussion! While Dad is on a conference call! IRRESPONSIBLE!

Modding this bear to be Rather Fancy, and yet Rather Shreddy. The bear did not consent to this! This was not covered in his photo shoot waiver! IRRESPONSIBLE!

Wanda wanted to help her friend with his math homework, because that sounded like the pinnacle of FUN for Irresponsible Day, and I really have to work on shaping this kid's understanding of the word “irresponsible.” However! She was basically an unstoppable steamroller and wouldn’t let the poor kid do his own math work, and refused all efforts to get the Wanda Ideas firehose to turn the hell off, so that was its own kind of IRRESPONSIBLE!

Wanda’s Irresponsible Dinner was more ice cream, maraschino cherries, and pickles. Here’s mine: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Tostito’s Scoops, and a can of hard cider I opened a few days ago and forgot about that’s been sitting in the fridge. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Polishing off our road trip red vines, when we’re NOT on a ROAD TRIP! IRRESPONSIBLE!

Last dash of irresponsible before bed: staying up past bedtime, with a double dose of Gravity Falls—the TV show AND a book at the same time—paired with fruit punch and PEZ. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Thus we conclude Irresponsible Day 2022. At bedtime, Wanda was upset to realize that there two things we'd missed doing: one more ice cream treat she'd meant to eat (a mint It's It), and making confetti balloons (use a funnel to put teeny squares of colored paper into an empty balloon, inflate, release, it's like indoor fireworks). I told her it was very IRRESPONSIBLE of us to leave some irresponsible things undone.  We'll try to do better next year, or we won't, whatever.

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